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Microbial Natural Products

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Douglas W Speed Jr. (President)

Microbial Natural Products Inc. is a manufactures distributor of earth friendly products. Our mission is to reduce chemical inputs that can be harmful to our health and environment and replace them with beneficial products that will give you the ecosystem that will benefit the plant or turf. 
We have selected our manufactures with this criteria in mind to offer a variety of products for different industries. We have made great in roads in the reduction of fertilizer and well as other chemical inputs in the commercial agriculture, horticulture and turf markets.
Now even the homeowner can get a peace of mind that comes from providing a healthier more sustainable environment for you and your family.

We serve a variety of industries with our EARTH FREINDLY products:      

  • Agriculture                                       

  • Lake & Pond Management Products

  • Horticulture / Nursery                      

  • Water Gardens & Fountains

  • Golf courses/ Sports Fields             

  • Household Cleaners

  • Lawn/Garden                                  

  • Home Aquariums & Fish Health                                                                       

  • Hydroponic / Aquaponic                

  • Septic & Cesspool products

  • Natural Mosquito Control             

  • Industrial Waste & Cleanup products

Thank you for your interest in our products!

Microbial Natural Products Inc. 1207 Seminole Rd. Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Toll Free 1-855-551-0155   Office-904-241-8412     Cell-904-654-4244